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With years of experience and expertise, Saran Bim Tech has one mission:
To revolutionize the industry by providing a transparent service that saves companies and individuals time, effort and additional costs. All site visits (property) and scans are performed by RICS certified digital surveyors (property surveyors) to ensure the quality and accuracy of measurements. Everything we do is 100% tailored to your needs, ensuring a unique experience. We serve both residential and commercial real estate. 

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SCAN TO BIM – Services

Scan to As-built / 3DModeling

It is a digital alternative to manual and tedious process of documentation of as-built condition of a facility 

BIM Architecture Modeling

BIM is the foundation of digital transformation in the architecture, engineering, and construction  industry.

Site Modeling with Topography

Most Revit users use the Toposurface tool to create the site. It’s the most common workflow.

Clash Detection and Resolution

It facilitates the effective identification, inspection, and reporting of interference clash in a typical 3D project model.

SCAN TO CAD – Services

Floor Plans

CAD Pro lets you start drawing floor plans the first day with a user-friendly interface and intuitive floor plan design features.

Roof Plan

The roof plan shows the details of the roof of the house. It also has shown the top view of the house along with the dimension details.


A 2D or 3D elevation is created from the elevation line properties and the selected objects in the building model. The elevation is linked to the building model.

Reflected Ceiling plans

This AutoCAD drawing file presents a reflected ceiling plan. in this plan, electrical points are given in it with section line projections and dimensions



Lidar, which stands for Light Detection and Ranging, is a remote sensing method that uses light in the form of a pulsed laser to measure ranges (variable distances) to the Earth.

Flood Analysis

This demands a detailed analysis of flood causing factors of the study area and proposing appropriate landscape-based mitigation strategies

3D City Modelling

A 3D city model is digital model of urban areas that represent terrain surfaces, sites, buildings, vegetation, infrastructure and landscape elements which can be used to simulate real-world.

Arial Triangulation

Triangulation is a technique for establishing the relative position of two or more points. Aerial triangulation (AT) is a method for producing maps by overlapping aerial images.

Saranbimtech Scan to BIM  3D Modeling Floor Plans Cross-Sections  services


Surya Prakash

“Saran Bimtech's expertise in BIM coordination and use of Navisworks allowed us to achieve seamless coordination between architecture, MEP and structural services. What you gave me was invaluable." 

Rama Krishna

"Saran Bimtech's ability to model, detect, and resolve clashes using Navisworks is remarkable. Their active participation in synthesis meetings kept our 3D model up to date, ensuring smooth project progress."

Pawan Kumar

“Saran Bimtech has proven to be invaluable in BIM coordination. They gain knowledge of Navisworks and they gave commitment to excellence have made the project more efficient and delivered excellent results.” 

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