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Saran Bim Tech is an Indian BIM outsourcing company & highly specialized in SCAN TO
BIM modelling. With a track record of over 800 successfully completed Point cloud BIM projects, including highly detailed Revit MEPF models LOD200 to LOD400, we have recognized ourselves as a important and dependable partner to leading 3D laser scanning companies, Architects, Revit experts, Laser surveyors, interior designers, engineers, property owners, and contractors.
With 12 years of experience, we have done successfully assignation with clients and enabled them to increase their construction process to stand apart in this time of huge competition in the market. The services that we provide include Revit modelling, SCAN TO BIM, CAD TO BIM modelling, Architectural BIM services as well as, Revit family creation, and many more.
Saran Bim Tech committed team is there ready for providing great services to the clients
as we all know, Also each client has his own quality and own standards preference, precise quality, and delivery on time, and getting a better price which we take care and gives the services at competitive prices. We trust very strongly in mutually beneficial partnerships to ensure that not only do we succeed in completing the project, but we also get equitable profits. The service is related to BIM models that we provide, and we ensure that those models are code-specific, accurate, and clash-free at the same time.

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