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SCAN TO BIM-Services

Saran Bim Tech focuses in SCAN TO BIM create accurate 3D BIM models
using Autodesk software like Revit, AutoCAD, Recap, etc. Scan to BIM is a process that refers to documenting existing buildings or any structures in order to use a digital planning method called Building Information Modelling (BIM) and we have become qualified & experienced staff that actually leverages various tools related to SCAN TO BIM for the sake of converting laser scanning Point Cloud data into a detailed 3D model. We offer Scan to BIM solutions across a range of locations, including the United States, United Kingdom, Israel, Australia, other countries worldwide.
Sarans Bim Tech expertise and specialized in handling various types of point
cloud data obtained through
laser scanning machines. like Faro scanners, Navis, Matterport, Leica, etc. Our 3D models are not ordinary BIM models, but they are detailed and cater to complex projects like expansion, phased retrofitting, and restoration of heritage buildings.Below are the services what we are providing :

  • Scan to BIM: Str/Arch / MEPF
  • Cad/Image to BIM
  • Scan to Asbuilt / 3DModeling
  • Site Modeling with Topography, Contours
  • BIM Architecture Modeling
  • BIM Structural Modeling
  • BIM MEPF Modeling
  • Infrastructure BIM Modeling
  • Clash Detection and Resolution.
  • BIM Revit Family/Content Creation.
  • Shop/Construction/Documentation Drawings.
  • BOM/BOQ/Scheduling.
  • LOD100,200,300,400,500 (As-built)

SCAN TO CAD-Services

It’s the process of scanning a physical object and inputting the data into CAD software. Teams can then either manipulate the data itself to turn it into a new product or create a new product that fits within the data’s environment. Moreover, these digitized objects must exist in an understandable and usable format so that designers can properly manipulate them. That’s where the proper CAD tool comes in handy. Below are the services what we are providing :

  • Floor Plans.
  • Reflected Ceiling plans.
  • Roof Plan Elevations.
  • Sections/Sectional Elevations.
  • Cross-Sections & Profiles.
  • Lease Plans (Area Referencing)


Technological advancement has led to the introduction of various geographical-related technologies. GIS (Geographic Information System) and Lidar (Light Detention and Ranging) are some of the never-ending examples. These two technologies have proved to be beneficial in examining the earth’s surfaces. These two techniques may have similar features and functions and seem to be related. However, they are not similar as they may be viewed. Below are the services what we are providing :

  • Lidar (point cloud) projects: 1.Calibration (Terra Match)
  • Terra Photo(Image processing)
  • Point cloud classification.
  • Power line classification, Mapping, modelling and Vegetation management
  • Rail Corridor Classification, Mapping, Modelling vegetation Management 
  • Hydro analysis using point cloud 
  • 3D City Modelling
  • RSH Matching, Classification and Mapping
  • Flood Analysis
  •  Mobile Lidar classification and Mapping 
  • Arial Triangulation, Images processing, Ortho rectification
  • 2D mapping using Ortho imagery 
  • 3D Mapping using 3D Arial Triangulation
  • Geo Smart Changing (Feature Extraction), Geoprocessing
  • All kind of Utility projects
  • All Kind of Telecom projects.
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